Workshops for schools at the Václav Havel Library

Czechism and/or Europeanism?
Velvet Prague

…It is not about all its nations dissolving into some amorphous pan-European sea, nor is it about the creation of some monstrous superstate. It is about creating a space of close and equal cooperation between the various distinctive parts of Europe… The civic principle as a guarantee that national animosity will never again prevail over normal civic cooperation. Václav Havel, Europe as a Task.

The interactive workshop will offer pupils and students in the first part a playful opportunity to reflect on what is and is not part of the Czech identity, following the example of ABCZ book. Is it possible to describe the relationship to the country of one’s birth with the entries of the alphabet? Do we choose the same ones, or does everyone carry their own in their heart? In the second part, we will reflect on how students perceive the European part of their identity (if at all), what actually constitutes it and why it is important. Everything should lead to the recognition that the Czech and European parts of identity do not contradict each other, on the contrary, they complement each other.


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