A Peaceful, Yoga Road towards Motherhood


Practical textbook of pregnancy yoga within 8 chapters. 

The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year in the area of the pedagogic books (by the Museum of Czech Literature in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture). 

Arts Books Wanted 2014 Best Graphic Design 2014 international competition organised by the LIDU Publishing House.

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Pregnancy yoga textbook, A4 format in a practical transparent plastic cover. Contains an introduction and 8 chapters, fold-out posters, focusing on different parts of the body. Each chapter contains photographs, descriptions of the postures and their effects. You can devote yourself to all the chapters or only selected ones, according to your current needs. The purpose is to provide pleasant and accessible guidance on how yoga can relax and sweeten pregnancy both physically and mentally while at the same time preparing the body and mind for the birth and beyond.

Author: Denisa Šedivá
Illustrations, graphic design and typesetting: Adam Macháček and Sébastien Bohner, 20YY Designers
Photography: Roman Franc
Printing: Helbich (Plc)
Publisher: 2013, Denisa Šedivá – denisasediva.cz
ISBN 978-80-260-3801-6

Size: 21 x 27,5 cm
Weight: 0,5 kg
Language: Czech
Binding: open
Year of publication: 2013

Weight 0.5 kg
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