Who is Večerníček, how to play the dulcimer… and other things Denisa Šedivá explains in the ABC book not only to Czech children growing up abroad


A man in a top hat (cylindr) bicycles along a winding track. Maybe it’s the genius Jára Cimrman on his way to Liptákov…or to Moravia in search of Cyril and Methodius. That’s them, writing him a message with a Centropen blowpen: he’s to learn to play the cimbalom (cimbál)! 

No, it is not yet known how Cyril and Methodius and Jára Cimrman met, but – believe it or not – the three of them did meet. In the pages of a peculiar textbook called ABCZ, or H is for Havel, written by Denisa Šedivá and graphically designed and illustrated by Adam Macháček and Sébastien Bohner, even the most circular situation is believable. The boundaries of generations, professions, centuries, reality and fiction lose their significance here…

By Irena Jirků

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