The dream of a female president. Studio Nastassia Aleinikava prepared glasses as an inaugural gift.


Hope dies last. The creators from Nastassia Aleinikava studio dreamed up a woman as the head of state for the Czech Republic and presented the world with a collection of handmade glasses as a gift for the future inauguration.

Dreaming is the beginning of wishes come true. “At the time of writing, you are not in office, you have not been elected, you have not yet passed the first or second round of elections, you have not been written about in the newspapers, you have not campaigned, your face is not even known. But believe me, we have been thinking about you for a long time,” reads the letter to the non-existent first Czech president, which is used by the Nastassia Aleinikava studio to introduce five handmade glasses …

By Thea Kučerová

Photo: Vojta Veškrna

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